Winter Greetings from Flowrohr's

Winter Greetings from Flowrohr's



Greetings from a cold and quiet Olympic Peninsula. This winter has been long! Every time we think we see a sign of spring, a chance of snow or days of cold rain set us straight reminding us that we're still in the depths of winter and we will need to stock the wood pile by the front door a few more times.

There have been a couple of exciting developments to share. We're almost finished building a fence around the kitchen garden that should be tall enough (at 7-8 feet) to keep out elk and deer; the orchard is under development for a few rows of crops this year; Kevin learned how to butcher large farm animals; and many mushrooms were foraged late into the season. We took time in January to reset and prioritize for the year's work ahead and are eager to get started as the days get longer. 

For 2024, Ashleigh is continuing her work with the Stand for Her Land Campaign and feeling optimistic about the work ahead to build a movement for women's rights to land. Kevin is happy to have signed on for another season working with Midori Farm in Quilcene. We're feeling lucky for plans with friends and family throughout the year ahead and hopeful for a peaceful and kind year ahead for all. Welcome to Brinnon and Flowrohr's Farm any time.


Kevin, Ashleigh and Pax


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