Fall Update from the Farm

Fall Update from the Farm

Around the Farm

Summer was busy and full of change and big decisions. In between visits from friends and family, work, flipping Air BnBs, and outings for crab on the new boat, we made some big progress on the farm:

  • Welcomed goats and meat chickens into the farm fold
  • Planted 2 new herb garden areas
  • Built up the orchard area
  • Finished the dome
  • Learned more about soil and microclimates of the property
  • Put up 8 foot perimeter fence for the future farming space
  • Reinforced priority structures
  • Experimented in the kitchen garden

Fall and winter will bring more work and new areas to build, grow, and graze, and we’re feeling ready for the challenge. Thanks for sticking with us on the journey.

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