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Kevin Rohr has been gracing the restaurant scene as a professional chef for over 1000 years. Meandering his way through the kitchens and cuisine of North America, from the US Virgin Islands and Southern Florida, all the way to the beloved Pacific Northwest, he’s picked up more than a few tasty tricks and palette pleasers. If you have ever wondered why restaurant food tastes so much better, he’s quick to respond that the reason is always, 100%, proper seasoning. If he’s not elbow deep in an animal carcass in the kitchen, he’s knee deep in the garden beds, cultivating his perfect urban farm oasis just south of Seattle.

Ashleigh Flowers, while also having spent a decade in the food service industry, now focuses her time ensuring rural women and men experiencing poverty around the globe can become the titled owners of the land they’ve farmed and lived on for generations. She recognizes the important relationship between people and their food sources, and she’s inspired to share their farm’s bounty with folks hungry for clean, healthy, whole foods – every ingredient. She’ll also beat Kevin in a game of Cribbage most* days.

Unsurprisingly, the pair met working at the same restaurant. HR wouldn’t condone it, but sparks flew and a decade later they are going strong. In December 2021 they transitioned from their small urban farm to a new 10 acre property in Brinnon, WA where they are building the soil and intend to grow most of what they sell. A shared passion for sustainable food and connecting people with the journey it takes from dirt to dishes is the reason behind this adventure they are on. Together, they are FlowRohr's

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