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Kevin Rohr has worked as a chef for years, working his way through kitchens from the US Virgin Islands and Southern Florida, to the Pacific Northwest. He’s picked up more than a few tasty tricks and palette pleasers. If you have ever wondered why restaurant food tastes so much better, he’s quick to respond that the reason is always, 100%, proper seasoning. He's now focused on growing the food and herbs that are used in Flowrohr's products.

Ashleigh Flowers when not figuring out how to build a farm, focuses her time managing a women's land rights campaign. She cares deeply about the relationship between people and their food sources. 

Unsurprisingly, the pair met working at the same restaurant in Seattle. Sparks flew and a decade later they are going strong. In December 2021 they transitioned from their small urban farm to a new 10 acre property in Brinnon, WA where they are building the soil and intend to grow most of what they sell. They share a passion for sustainable food and connecting people with the journey it takes from dirt to dishes. Together, they are Flowrohr's

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