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Umami is the fifth flavor of your palate, right there in the back of your mounth. Use it spareingly as a finishing salt (a little goes a long way - think "truffle salt"). The richness of porcini is balanced with a hint of green tea and is meant to add decadence, not be a dominant flavor. Sprinkle on top of a steak or use it as a Tuesday night popcorn topping - no disappointments here!

Flowrohr's cares about the planet - we know you do too - it's probably something that brought you to our site. That's why we suggest purchasing one of our reusable tins on the first order, then restocking with a completely compostable, sustainably made refill packet. The tin ensures that you season correctly - the packet ensures that you are not buying products meant to live in a landfill. Everyone wins!

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